Mon, Dec 3

The North Face Endurance 50 Championship on Saturday turned out to be quite an event.  From my perspective, the course was marked and manned perfectly and the RD’s did a great job adapting to less-than-ideal situations.  Only thing I would have changed is–because it was a double loop–not having the marathon and the 50k on concurrently. (Why have a marathon and a 50k anyways?)

Big congrats to Miguel Heras and Emilie Forsberg for taking firsts.  Is it me or there a giant elephant in the room over on the iRunFar comment section re the mens winner that no one wants to directly address? Interesting how this’ll play out.

Here’s a good pacing report from footfeathers and here’s a good race report from Caitlin Smith (expect her on URP soon!) with many more reports to come.

…and for a different climate, here’s an 18 minute film of the Fruitarian Mike Arnstein running Badwater.

Dax is having a good time with shorter workouts.

Why are runners fascinated by losing their toenails? Why don’t we revisit the URP Black Toenail Hall of Fame for a little fun???

Seven things pregnant runners should keep in mind.

This is how you park a bike in Japan.

Want to know what it’s like to climb through Patagonia with a suave Italian metrosexual hipster, poet, culinary artist and alpinist?


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