Mon, June 11

I think a lot of people feel this way about diet.

Ian Sharman investigates whether beards make you run faster.

Flume Trail

I ran the Flume Trail in Tahoe on Saturday and had a blast. One of those “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now” types of runs.

Good stuff: Fartlek training for ultras.

Meb is still a badass.

Ultra-lawyers who have left practice for the trails. Cool!

Good stuff: Should we stop worrying that running is not on TV?

Steeplechase Max King (inside lane). Photo by Amy Sproston.

Max King qualifies for the Olympic Trials in the Steeplechase on Saturday night, then wins the USATF 1/2 Marathon Trail Championships (again) the next morning.

Speaking of serial racers, you’ve heard our new podcast with Mike Wardian, right? This is Iron Mike’s 3rd time on URP, and there’s a reason we keep bringing him back…he’s a nice guy and a total badass.

Big congrats to Jeff Browning for taking top honors at San Diego 100 (full splits and results.)  Inside Trail’s Tim Long pulled out a nice third place, and URP Endurance Team members  Joe VanDeWater, Ken McKee, and Deno Dean all had a great time.  Nice work fellas!

Wow! Check out these pics/video of the Welsh Ultrarunning Series!


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