Mon, May 6 Ultramarathon Daily News

The Week in Running: Justin from iRunFar breaks down all the results from this weekend. Here’s what stood out to me.
-Jim’s split at 50M was 4:50:07, not :09. More on that event later this morning.
-Awesome to see Megan Kimmel racing in the mountains again. When she’s on, she’s on!
-The Tiger Claw format was awesome. I unfortunately didn’t get to watch it, but I love the mystery format of not knowing exactly where your competitors are. And to pull of a debut race without any noticeable hitches? Nice work Ethan and Kim!
Patrick Caron and Aliza Lapierre win at TNFEC-NY. We’v got to get Patrick out to more West Coast races.
-And even though is was a third at a 50k, it’s nice to see Andrew Miller racing the trails again.
-Next weekend at Transvulcania, my eyes will be on the women’s race: Megan Kimmel, YiOu Wang, Brittany Peterson, and Kelly Wolf. What a lineup!

AC100: Uncle Larry weighs in on what he things about the fight to keep AC100 a mountain race.

Australia: URP listener Alan is out on a 500k jaunt across Australia when he runs into a beached dolphin. Already a bit tired from the run, he manages to move it back to sea and it swims away. His trail karma has been earned for the year.

You had one job.

Mountain Outhouse: Jamil nails it again, covering all the details and nuance of this wacky sport of ours. From AC100 fighting, what’s essentially environmental regulations, to Canyons 100k runner-dragging incident to Gary Robbin’s hips, Jam Jam’s got the news.

So what’s the deal with CBD and THC: Ironman champ and public health doc Joanna Zieger explains the science, the hype, and some of the unfounded claims around cannabis. I know many, many MUT runners (from the back to the front of the pack) who use the plant for muscle soreness, appetite, sleep, and yes fun. There’s also this article from today. Let’s stop being afraid to discuss it and find more ways to use natural products to help our bodies.

Fast Women: Allison Wade’s take on women’s running results over the past week. Interesting note that the woman who finished second to Caster Semenya at Doha will also be subject to the same t-level rules.

More on Caster: I didn’t realize she had XY chromosomes. That does change the conversation a bit, doesn’t it? I’m not versed in the minutiae of this case, but wouldn’t that be a more appropriate line than looking at her t-levels?

More: Kevin Beck weighs in with his opinions about RoJo’s take on this multi-faceted and complicated situation.

Race Report: Zack Bevin’s race report from the 2nd fastest time at Strolling Jim. Complete with splits and great description of the terrain. Who could crack Andy Jones’ CR of 3:59 for 42 miles? I’d love to see a slew of fast guys on the start next year.

Sub-2: Kipchoge is going for sub 2 in a car-paced event in October. Two things on that. First, I’ve fantasied about coming into a ton of money and putting on rad events around the world, and that’s what seemingly is going on here. (To note, in my fantasy, the results would be WR eligible.) Also, it really seems this is the new future of “racing.” Big events with limited or no competition where runners race the clock. While I appreciate time trials, there’s still nothing like the strategy and drama of head to head competition.

Brooks: Good. With all the high tech capabilities, have an intern go dig around and find me some damn Green Silences.

Full recap of HOKA event later this morning. Lots to say and I need to get my run in.

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