Mon, Nov 12

Ian Sharman’s pics from a very cold Central Oregon run.

Gym exercises for marathon runners. To apply them to ultras, just wear a shirt from your last ultramarathon.

URP listener Vinny is running in circles to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Trail triage: What to do when you seriously screw yourself up out there.

Five ways to tell if a running shoe is a good match for you.

Why yes, I’d love to run the Inca trails in Peru.

Are you signed up for the WS lottery? $370? Yikes. Every time I think that people won’t pay any more, the market allows for it.

Wanna be an RD? Read this first.

Charlie Engle will have a special on Rock Center this Thursday, detailing his running history, recent prison sentence, and running future. ┬áLove him or hate him, Charlie’s a compelling guy.

Video: Why you give adventure racers video cameras.

Footfeathers is planning on Leadman 2013.

Fish oil vs fish oil supplements. Not the same.


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