Mon, Nov 19

Here’s a great report about the Hong Kong Trailwalker. Those guys at Ultra 168 do some great work.

Cross Country as a launching pad to success.

Inspired by our podcast with Kevin Green last year,URP and NorCal Runagades will be hosting the “12 K’s of Christmas” (12 ks menu-1) on Sun, Dec 9. Run 1k, eat a marshmallow and drink some hot cocoa, run another 1k, drink a beer and have a pretzel, run another 1k, shot of peppermint schnapps and a candy cane…If you’re nearby, come on by, it should be a doozy!

In case ya missed it, Max King and Ellie Greenwood (tenth overall!) broke their respective course records at JFK this weekend. Nice job!  Here’s Ellie’s race report and here are the official results. And here is an awesome photo gallery from a pro.

Sounds like Dakota had quite a weekend.

Captains Hat. Photo by Scott Dunlap.

She raises an interesting questionTo wear a hat or to not wear a hat.  For whatever reason, I can’t run without something…a visor, a hat, a buff, a captain’s hat…on my head.

Anyone know this d-bag?

It doesn’t sound very scenic, but here’s a 50k in Ghana if you’re not busy.

One day, his grandfather remarked “You look disgusting son, you only have yourself to blame”. And now he’s running 922k across New Zealand.

This is an interview I’d love to do.  I’d just check in with her every 12 hours or so and watch her hysterical demise.  I know, I know, it’s for a good cause…

What (she’s) learned from glycogen depletion runs.  I do them fairly regularly and see a benefit too.





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