Mon, Oct 1

Congrats to Christopher Kollar and Darcy Africa for taking firsts at Bear 100.

…and a big congrats to Max King and Ellie Greenwood for winning some cash at UROC 100k. For Max, that’s 3 championship races in 3 distances in 8 days, and he’s won them all. Here’s Ellie’s story.

Sunny Schranz sweeping the course for the kids run with Timmy "the Mad Hatter" Olson as her pacer. Photo ML/LongRun Pictures

Huge thanks to Timothy, Krista, and Marjorie for putting on an incredible first year event at the Enchanted Forest Wine Run in Grants Pass, Oregon.  That was a tough half marathon! Definitely putting this on the calendar for next year. Pics here.

Ian Corless posts some great photos from Cavalls del Vent where Kilian won and Anton took second. Nice to see him back racing.

Sad news is a female participant at Cavalls died on the mountain due to hypothermia. Details are still emerging.

This guy in Afghanistan is running a 50M on a 7.5k loop and he’s been working up to 82 hours a week while training.  I’m exhausted.

Amby takes on the issue of time honesty.

How having self control as a kid affects your health as an adult. Duh?

Why you hate cyclists. Meh, I’m sticking with my theory.

Video: Fastest bike change ever. I don’t even know what I’m watching here!


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