Mon, Oct 15

UK listener Kurt offers up his series of races. Says he: “The first one tours a load of pubs, the 2nd starts/ends in a bar, and the 3rd one is just a plain-old hard trail 100.”  Sounds like fun!

Here’s some footage from this years Mt. Everest Ultra, taken with a GoPro.

What beer is best for a long run?

No ultra content, but this guy has some funny observations on running.

Ed Whitlock, 81. Photo Graham Paine.

URP hero Ed Whitlock breaks another record this past weekend.  A 3:30:28 marathon…and he’s 81 years old.

Exercise makes you crave money lessanother interesting study disected by the Sweat Science dude.

Wanna escape for a few minutes? Check out this Grand Canyon timelapse video. Aaaahhhhh.

For all of NY’s other attributes, we hear of very few runners coming from the State.  Here’s a great story about HS XC runners in Van Courtland Park and its history.

Congratulations to Leigh Schmidt and Jenny Capel for winning Firetrails 50 miler on Saturday.  Nicely done!

Learn it, know it, live it:  Five tips on balancing family life and obsessive running.

Ironman Kona results. It still blows my mind that these guys turn in a 2:46 marathon after the swim and bike.

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