Mon, Oct 22

Didya hear our new interview with Meredith Terranova? We spoke with her in April, but brought her back to kick our butts back into shape.

Running with the Presidents.

Using regression analysis, the Sweat Science guy figures out that a sub 2 hr marathon will be run in 2032.  I’m guessing it’s not that far.

Great piece by Ellie about the importance of youth running programs.

Ban cycling from the Olympics?

Zach Bitter and Connie Gardner take firsts at the USA National 50 Mile Championships at Tussey Mountainback.  We spoke with Zach in our pre-WS round-up earlier this year.  Heck of a nice guy.

Looks like I better add the Lost Sierra 50k to my list. Here’s a great review by Gretchen.

Dakota is in the Alps and decides it’s time for a break from running.



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