Mon, Oct 29

How to ask a girl out on the trail. Is it me, or does she seem like she doesn’t want to be asked out.

What’s your excuse?

…and is it on the Wheel of Urine?

Just another day in Boulder when you run into the Who’s Who of the MUT world.

Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein bagged a win against Mike Morton and Hal Koerner at Javelina Jundred this weekend. Nice job Mike! Full results here.

How athletes respond to different types of coaching.

Fell Running: A quick guide.

Ten lessons from ten marathons.  A lot of this can be translated to the trail.

This Filipino ultrarunner has won the last 5 races and is heading now for a 3-day event.  He’s also a janitor who depends on donations of shoes and cash to keep him going.

What you can learn from a good performance.

How do I say this? Part of Lolo Jones’ appeal is her…outfit…and last time I checked, bobsledding ain’t very sexy.


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