Mon, Oct 8

Holy crap! Check out the hardest 400m in the world. Hat tip to Wade N.

OK, at $14/bottle, it’s pricey, but this is one of the 5 best beers I’ve ever had. Oaky, tart, bubbly, sour, and alive, this is incredible stuff.

Footfeathers on How to Travel to a Ultrarunning Race. Funny stuff with salty language.

Great FKT story on the Wonderland Trail set by listener Ethan Linck. Well done!

Huge congrats to Karl Meltzer for bagging his third 100 mile victory this year. ¬†The old goat (who turns 45 this year) took top honors at Grindstone 100, and still has another hundo planned by years’ end.

A hearty Irish talk on doping and race fixing.

Three tips from Dean K on injury-proofing your body.

This guy says a 50 miler is tougher than climbing Everest, and he’s done both.

As we sit here, Gary Gellin is making another attempt at the Tahoe Rim Trail 165 record. He started Sunday morning and has a handful of pacers and crew, including Victor Ballesteros, who we recently interviewed about his TRT run. Follow Gary’s progress here.

British runner dies while running a fell race. ¬†Looks like they’ll have to change the name again.

I was afraid that this piece by Ellie was going to to turn into a Title XI issue, but it didn’t at all. Good read.



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