Mon, Sep 17

Whew! What a weekend of hundreds!

Speedgoat Karl Meltzer bagged a hefty payday at the big money (and apparently poorly marked) Run Rabbit Run, with Lizzy Hawker taking it for the ladies. Experience pays.


Eric Sullivan on the Ridge Trail at RRR. Courtesy Matt Trappe Photography.

Matt Trappe (killer race photog) submits his images from Run Rabbit Run. Awesome stuff.

Gerad Dean takes Pine to Palm 100 in southern Oregon, with Jenn Shelton pushing a late surge to win it for the gals.

And finally, Julie Fingar bags the Headlands Hundred in the Marin Headlands as the first female AND first overall winner. Who won for the guys? Doesn’t matter when a lady takes it all!

On that note, all indications are that PCTR has returned to glory with new ownership and management.  Runners are also reporting that refunds are coming in from last years’ debacle. Good on ya!

For young athletes, here’s another good reason to break the fast food habit.

Does anyone else run commute?

So did you hear our new podcast with Derrick Spafford? Dogs, beer, streaking, freezing hundreds, Canada. Great guy that I’m sure we’ll have on again!

Good review on Tread Lightly.  This review has more info than most books!

How to make your own sports drink.

For us dairy free people, here’s some good info on coconut milk…ya know, that stuff Meghan Arbogast swears by?

Handful bra review. Had to post it because of its funny name.

The benefits of strength training for distance runners.

100 quotes on running and human endurance.  I like #78.




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