Monday, August 6

Big congratulations to Timothy and Krista Olson on the birth of their “little Lion” Tristan Alexander Olson.  Now the fun begins.

Ryan Sandes’ race report from his Fish River Canyon attempt, replete with some awesome pictures.

Will San Franciscans vote to open up Yosemite’s “twin sister”?

What does Ian Sharman do when his wife is away? Race like crazy and geek out on the Olympics.  Sounds like my dream weekend!

Joe Grant posts his most amazing series of pictures yet.

Someone trying to justify how the 50k race walk is a legitimate event.  Listen, there are a lot of activities that are hard to do and take great skill, dedication, and practice. That doesn’t mean they deserve a place in the Olympics.

Remember that “study” that showed that you could decrease your mileage and replace it with only speed training?  John Blue points out why that was bunk.

Matt and Tim drop some opinions on today’s ultrarunning scene.

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