Monday, July 16

Walking and running can help ward off Alzheimer’s.

In case ya missed it, Hal Koerner taught a lesson in awesomeness in Colorado this weekend.

GZ has some great thoughts and comments on Hardrock, from a pacer’s perspective.  And here’s a great FB video from the race.

Tony K posts some killer trail porn. Don’t miss the question in the comments section.

Badwater starts today. Follow results here or the twitter feed at #bw135. Here’s a roster. At quick glance, I see “The Fruitarian” Mike Arnstein, Zach Gingerich, Gundy, Dean K, Oswaldo Lopez, Mike Morton, Amy Palmiero-Winters, Ray Sanchez, and Marshall Ulrich. I always get a kick out reading the occupations of the entrants. No one would call this group “underachieving.” 

Check out our interview with Jimmy Dean Freeman after last year’s event.

The guys at Ultra168 review the new line of gear from Arc’teryx. I didn’t realize they were making trail gear now. Awesome!

Devon Crosby Helms took a little break and it helped.

This Ian Stewart character sounds like a bitch. Makes me like Nick Symonds even more.

I’m famous for finding stuff on my runs, but I don’t believe I’ve ever found a golf ball.

Wardian won an indoor marathon this weekend in 2:53. Indoor. Ugh.






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