Monday, July 23

Guy goes on beer diet and loses a ton of weight.

Do you remember your first time?

A father laments his daughters lost Olympic dream. Something’s in my eye, dangit.

Did you know there are 4 athletes in the Olympics this year who run independently and not for a country? Here’s the story of one of them…a marathoner no less.

Here’s our new podcast with Mike Morton.

Great short article on rebooting the body from the Sweat Science guy.

The PCTR site says it’ll be back with new ownership.  Anyone know anything?

Emelie Forsberg, a cute Swede with a skiing and orienteering background bursts onto the scene at Skyrunning’s Killian’s Classic.  Check out Ultra168’s interview with her here.

Big weekend in races! Congrats to Chris Price and Keira Henninger for wining Angeles Crest 100, to Matt Hart and Claire Walton for winning Tahoe Rim 100, and to Brian Rusiecki and Kathleen Cusick for winning Vermont 100.  I noticed the Fruitarian’s name on VT100 finisher’s list…dude does Badwater/Vermont combo? Wow!

Evan Jager sets a new AR in the Steeple. This guy is awesome, but can he medal in London?

Does anyone have their own blogs anymore, or is everything run through iRunFar?

Have you taken a look at the DNF Analytic Indicator Predictor and Oracle?

Karl, is that you?


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