Monday, July 30

Did you hear our new podcast with Hal Koerner? Apparently the two hosts profess their love for Hal.

Speedgoat 50k in Utah certainly gave us a deep field of competitors, with Killian winning, but not winning. He followed European rules on a US course, won the race, but didn’t bag the cash or the record. Confused?

Anton had a “shi##y day”–his words– at Speedgoat, but toughed it out and finished fourth. Or was it third?

Meanwhile at White River, Sage Canaday killed Anton’s CR with a 6:16.  Dayum.

Ed is back! From FB: After a long layoff due to injury, Ed (81 yo) was back on the track today, running a 6:13 1500m (Age graded 3:47) at the 41st Ontario Masters Athletics Outdoor Championships.

The “asthmatic advantage” at the Olympics?

Speaking of the Olympics, did ya know there’s a 50k race walk?  No room for xc running or a 50 miler though. Booooo!!!

As the adage goes, “you just need to find the right race at the right time” and I seem to do well at small events taking place on the same day as other large events in the same vicinity. Funny how that works.

Ellie’s own “you know you’re an ultrarunner when…

The Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultramarathon is where Jurek got his first taste of racing, and it looks like these guys are following in his tradition.





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