Monday, June 4

Meet some Aussies heading to the US to race this summer. Hey fellas, leave your Fosters at home.

Some nice pics of trails in Colorado. Garden of the Gods looks nice…I love open trails like that.

Big congrats to Ellie Greenwood and Kami Semick for taking 3rd and 4th, respectively, at Comrades yesterday. Niiiiice!

…meanwhile, a bunch of our Olympians were in San Diego for the RnR Half/Marathon.

…and a whole bunch of Kenyans were in Oregon for their Oly trials.  Here’s a recap of what went down at the Prefontaine Classic.

Adam Campbell posts some pics of how he’s been recovering since UTMF.  Get that hip healed up!

Here’s the URP Daily News RSS Feed.

URP listener Kyle is on Day 10 of a modified fruitarian diet. He ran almost 100 miles last week…check out what he’s been eating.

and this doc has some great points about calories. Hat tip to Dons Diary for the link.

I’m late to the party, but a clean rider from a clean team won the Gyro last week.  Wow!

Interesting study shows less training, but with a higher intensity, is the way to go.

From the walking on shaky ground file but…do these “Womens Fitness Festivals” and “Run/walk for some cure” annoy anyone else? Huge sponsors, helicopters, blaring this the same sport?

Leor Pantilat

Once again, some great pics from Leor Pantilat…this time in the Yosemite Valley. Find more here and here.

If you’re going to be in Tahoe the Thurs before WS, check out this awesome party going on at Alpenglow Sports. Killian and a bunch of Salomon runners will be there.

And finally, ultras are bad for your heart




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