Monday, Nov 26

Christmas is less than a month away. Oy.

Want to see 53 of the people already “in” for the Big Dance in June?

Bret Rivers and Caren Spore tackle the hills and the stairs at the (in)famous Quad Dipsea.

Video: TED Talk from a woman who ran her first hundo this year.

UK listener Sam competed in this weekends “most pointless race” where none of the runners knew how long they’d be running. Here is his report.

The success of Japanese distance running is pretty impressive.  While we’re fearing the East Africans, our friends from the Far East could sneak in and shake up the sport even more.  This is getting good!

Very interesting story about anorexia and distance running. Hint: It ain’t about a female. Thanks to Wade for the tip.

Here’s Sarah Lavender Smith’s Gift Guide.  I’ve thought about putting one out, but since it would contain mainly “I found this pair of shorts, don’t know who makes them, but I like them” and then a bunch of craft beers you should try, I’ve decided to spare you the time.

Here’s a good primer on ultramarathon nutrition and hydration.

…and here’s how to choose your first hundo.

How quickly do you lose the benefits of strength training?

Has anyone used breathe rite strips? I’ve never breathed well out of my nose, I’ve got a wicked flu right now, and I need to get better by Saturday.  If this makes sense, shoot me an email. Thanks.

Did ya see this from last week? Etiquette, ethics, and FKTs.

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