Monday, Sep 24

BREAKING: Did the Tour de France buy the Rock n Roll Marathon series?

After hearing Timmy describe the race he’s directing, I convinced the lovely wife to take a little road trip next weekend. Anyone else going to be there? Southern Oregon wine country, organic food, trail half marathon, bluegrass music…

Speaking of RRR100, here’s Dylan Bowman’s take on the race.  And here’s Timmy’s race report.

Photo Shawn PriceAnother reason I love track. Fall down, get trampled by spikes, get up and run your ass off. WIN. Thanks to Brent for the tip.

You know I always link to incredible trail porn from Leor Pantilat? Here’s a good piece/interview on him from footfeathers.

The Land of Oz had 3 big ultras this weekend, one (in)famously with a gaggle of 14 year old girls.  I’ll let the boys at Ultra168 give the details.

Running in groups with iPods…Stop the Madness!

Here’s Bryon’s UROC preview.  For the record, my money’s on Max and Ellie.

While UROC is taking place, the Cavalls del Vent is running in Spain with  a few guys named Anton, Dakota, and Kilian.  Ian Corless has got a good breakdown of it here.

There was a big Tough Mudder race in town this weekend…I don’t get it.

Caballo Blanco‘s ashes have returned to the place he loved.

By the time you read this, the inaugural Grand to Grand ultra will be underway in the Southwest.  7 days, 6 stages, 160 miles of unsupported running.  I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

So what’d you do this weekend? You didn’t win 2 big races in two separate states in as many days? Max King did.  

Photo Trey Garman

The one thought rule for running form improvement.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was obsessed with diet and exercise?

Not enough news for ya here? Here’s a (huge) pdf of my favorite running magazine to keep you busy.


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