Monday, Sep 3

Paul Ryan stepped in it by lying about his marathon time. I like the guy a lot, but lying about a PR like that is just plain stupid.

Race report from Pike’s Peak ascent.

If you listened to our interview with Victor Ballesteros about his TRT attempt, you really need to see the accompanying video.

Do you still believe Lance Armstrong is innocent?

Dakota’s UTMB report.

…and Anton’s story and photo gallery from a jaunt in the Rocky’s.  I thought he ran for New Balance.(?)

Three simple ways to be more in control of your diet.

Congratulations to Tim Casagrande for winning an entry to Inside Trail’s K2 summit event this weekend. Tim gets to race across No Hands Bridge (yeah!) and up K2 (boo!).  See you there!

I suppose Gordy’s a pretty good guy to have some influence over the Parks and Recreation around Auburn.

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