Montrail Rogue FKT Shoe Review

Montrail Rogue FKT Shoe Review

Eric here: URP’s original co-host Scotty returns to try out some fast new trail shoes for Fall 2016.  I was disappointed the Montrail Rogue FKT wasn’t made in a sample size to fit my giant feet (damn genetics!), but it’s great that Scotty’s back and ready to give these a real trail trial.  His review follows.

montrail rogue fkt

Outside-of-the-Box Impressions

Fast. That was my first impression when I took my Montrail Rogue FKT shoes out of the box. I had a feeling these shoes were going to eat-up switchbacks, and I was right.

The Montrail Rogue FKT is purely designed for trail running for those with a speedy disposition and a mighty preference for lightweight shoes.  Road-friendly, maximalist-loving dry-desert runners these are not.  This shoe is made to be fast and dirty.

montrail rogue fkt
New tread pattern!

Trail Running Impressions

The shoes were mostly comfortable but did feel a bit tight in the midfoot and I could feel my toes cramming in the toe box. I recommend going-up a half-size for pressure relief.

I enjoyed the low-profile, lightweight shoe structure which allowed me to feel the trail and never felt my feet getting heavy especially on days that I spent all day standing in business shoes.  Built on the Rogue midsole platform, this fits similar to the Montrail Bajada, but comes in an ounce lighter.

The Rogue FKT features a full-length Fluid-Foam midsole providing adequate cushion. I did not feel that the cushion rose to my level of comfort as my mid-foot was getting sore at the end of my runs. I would not recommend these shoes if you will be running on a fair amount of pavement. My feet started aching when I had to run on long sections of paved bike trail, but that could be attributed to the rock plate that I continue to have a love/hate relationship with.

MOntrail Rogue FKT
Montrail cleats?

Stats for the Montrail Rogue FKT

Weight: 10.1 oz

Drop 10mm.

Price: $110

Release: Fall 2016

Rockplate: Yep.

In terms of speed and performance, these shoes deliver. I especially enjoyed running on semi-muddy trail sections. The 4.5mm lug height sank into the trail, giving me excellent grip and control over my speed and confidence. These lugs are not similar to the small square-hexed pattern used in Montrail shoes of the past few years. The combination of aggressive lugs and lightweight upper allowed me to sail up steep trails.  Dragging heavy shoes to the top of a climb wasn’t a concern.

The Montrail Rogue FKT is very flexible but still has plenty of support. My arches are very sensitive to low-profile shoes as many are extremely flexible and lack the support my tender feet require. No problems here, I am happy to say.

MOntrail Rogue FKT

The midfoot cage is 3D-printed! How cool is that?

If you’re a nerd like me, you want to tell everyone you pass on the trail. This is were Montrail really kicks things up a notch and starts to break away from the pack.

The 3D-printed midfoot cage means there are no seams, no extra glues, and not unnecessary weight.

The construction is solid. I was concerned that the lugs would start wearing down after 100 plus miles of running but they have proved to be very durable.
I wasn’t fond of the shoe laces as I was frequently having to re-tie my shoes, even after four weeks of running. I’d swap out the laces. Having to re-tie laces during a race is no bueno.

I’m not sure that I want to keep using these shoes for training runs but will instead use them for the occasional race. I am planning on racing in these shoes for the upcoming Broken Arrow Skyrace in Squaw Valley, hoping they get me to the top of Squaw Peak.


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