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Mountain Ultra Trail News for Tue, Aug 9

Remember this: The positive side of failure.  Especially true in the ultra trail world.

Tuesday funny: Ultrarunner has medal stripped for failing social media protocol.

Trails and Tarmac (Ghelfi and Laney) are trying to get you (or your lazy friend) off the couch.  Twenty free spots for the “Start Running” program available right here.  (They’re both starting TransRockies today, so no more info available.)

Looking for help/recovery? Be aware: How to become a charlatan in nine easy steps.

And, ahem. How much junk science is going on at the Olympics, anyways?

Good stuff from Olive Oil Joe: Goal setting in ultramarathon training and racing.

I know think a lot of you get tired of hearing about doping in sports. I get it.  It’s a huge issue, and one that I struggle with in terms of really nailing down where I stand between allowing a free-for-all and strict adherence to every little rule.  In today’s Morning Shakeout, Mario Fraioli does a great job wrapping together what a total mess the sport is, between coaches doping, the complacency of agencies, whistleblowers, Olympics, etc. Check it out.

And while we’re at it, here’s a piece on Avery Collins’ marijuana use.  How do you feel about his  use of cannabis in training (and possibly in races)?

Ouch. Asics takes a massive hit to its earnings, which the company blames partially on the changing retail market.  What do you think that means? More/new brands in the space? Maximalist shoes? The changing retail environment?  Asics is often the most-worn shoe at road races, so I’m curious to see how this plays out.  (Any financial analysts want to chime in, please do.)

The intrawebz is making us to crazy sports sh!t apparently.

After a running slump, a new job, a lost house, and a busted relationship, Jeremy picked up with the November Project, started getting his fitness back, and is his life is back on track.

In case you missed Matt’s show on Saturday, I plugged my little recorder thingamajig into the mixing board and got a great copy.  Check it out here…a mix of originals and covers from Neil Young, Paul Simon, etc.  Multi-talented people have always impressed me, and Matt is no exception.

My wife has taken a curious liking to mens synchro diving, and this partially explains why.

Caffeinated hot chocolate. Yes, please.  It’s probably inadvertent, but I like how it’s in CAPS.

It seems (and I still hope) that if this were true, it would be reported widely, but I can’t find it anywhere else: The IOC (prepare yourselves for stupid decision announcement…) sends memo to athletes asking them not to call out other athletes for doping.

I need to move to NH and start hanging out with Leslie. She’s got a great training attitude, runs fun races, volunteers, and has a serious hankering for good beer.

Here’s a good story about an Afghan woman running in the Olympic marathon who’s been mentored by ultrarunners Amy Sproston and Stephanie Case.

We’re doomed. How obesity became the new face of disability in America.

Kevin Hart’s “announcement” that he’s running Hood to Coast is hilarious…despite it being tied to Nike.

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