Mountain Ultra Trail News, Thurs, Feb 23

Starting to get back to trail running after a slower ‘off season’?  Here are some tips to help prevent injury.

Similarly, how to get back on the trails 30 days after a serious injury.

This short piece about practice vs competition makes me think.  Does the same apply for endurance sports where we actually do have time to evaluate and reevaluate our performance and strategy?

Well Western States is gonna be interesting this year! Squaw Valley (the start of the race) is planning on being open until July 4th weekend.  Will it then be 100 degrees in Foresthill?

Cool astronomical news about Trappist-1, but did they have to name it something so similar to one of my favorite brew styles? It’s damn distracting, I tell you.

Last Man Standing race in Northern Ireland this past weekend. Here’s the video.  Guillaume reports that after 100 miles/24 hours, there were still 18 runners!

One guys take on backpacking: Fried chicken, bourbon, heavy packs, a joint, and some forest nudity.

OhMyGawd!  Endurance exercise causes low sex drive in men! (Unless you read the article and recognize the causation/correlation problem.)

Four (semi) new races for 2017. Anyone doing any of them?

Industry news: FitBit not hitting the Street’s expectations and shares plummet.  Still profitable, but is the wearable craze sustainable?  Oops, that’s old news from last quarter.  How are they doing now?

I certainly hope you saw this girl from yesterday.  Maybe it’s being a dad of a young runner, but my face hurts from smiling so much.  Penelope gives me hope!

One new guest today, one tomorrow. Patrons know who it is and will likely come up with some good questions. Stay tuned!

Tonight! 6pm PST. I’m hosting the first URP/Patreon Videopalooza.  We’ll talk running, beer, podcasting, family, and whatever uncomfortable questions you want to throw at me. Check the Patron page for information.  See you online!

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