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SCMP: Mark Agnew writes a great piece about the limits of Courtney Dauwalter’s potential. Great article. On a related note, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched this 12 minute clip of Courtney finishing UTMB. Very little running in it, but it’s replete with sportsmanship, gratitude, and huge smiles. Watch it and you’ll be lifted up, I promise.

Semi-Rad: Frozen pizza is the hero we need right now. Great stuff from Brendan…now I’m hungry.

Apparently it’s #nationalsiblingsday. Who are the fastest siblings in the MUT world? Tommy and Jackob Puzey are pretty solid, and no, the Nurgalieva sisters don’t count. I’m positive I’m missing some big names. Help me out.

Chasing Sunny on the trails that border our neighborhood.

Attention armchair epidemiologists, this “study” about runners spreading C-19 is not really a study. More here.

Companies Doing the Right Thing:

Swiftwick has a new program that for every pair of Aspire compression socks sold, they’ll donate a pair to medical professionals. And if you kick in $5 at checkout, they’ll donate another pair. More info here. Nice!

And another! Bay Area distillery now making hand sanitizer.

And another: Two Utah brands (Unchartered Supply and Cotopaxi) come together to help each other’s employees, brands, and supply chains during this time. Awesome!

And be sure to head over to Brendan’s Friday Inspiration for more links once you’re done with this.

IRF/AJW: Keeping the running rhythm during these uncertain times.

Garmin: How has our activity levels changed during the past month?

And also during these times, we’re seeing mental health issues blossom and flourish. Bigger Than the Trail is a platform that advocates and provides trail running activities for individuals struggling with mental health issues during this crisis. Check them out and toss some money their way if you can.

How ultrarunning has prepared you for Covid life.

Trailrunner Mag: Pretty sure I posted this already, but it’s worth another read. Sarah’s story about how her family health with her husband Morgan’s C-19 scare. Excellent writing for a compelling story.

Ultrarunning History: Learn more about Park Barner, one of the fastest dudes of the 70s. Again, no gels, no pillow shoes, no GPS watch.

TrailSisters: By not fu*king quitting during that race, Natasha learned a lot about herself.

Rant: One method I use for compiling the Daily News is to run a google search for “ultramarathon” and it usually pulls up a few articles. These days, every news source is using the term to describe the long haul we’ve got in front of us (“the road back to normal won’t be short. It will be a veritable ultramarathon.”) and it’s killing me. So many articles to wade thru to find the good stuff. /rant

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