MUT Daily News, Mon, Nov 23

A very comprehensive look at MUT running in the cold and staying warm by Fellrunr.

Ghelfi writes a quick analysis of the team scoring competition with opinions from some of the elites running.  I’ve updated my team analysis right here. Check out Salomon’s top three now.

Here is Justin’s weekend rundown of MUT results from around the world. Is it me, or does Jim Walmsley remind you of a young Scott Jurek? (No pressure, dude.)

…and yep, that’s URP guest (and grandmother who just started running in 2011!) Lorraine Young who snagged second at the competitive JFK50.

What’s wrong with cheating? Everyone does it, but just a little bit…

NIckademus has taken on some audacious goals in his ultra career.  The World’s Toughest Mudder–24 hours of OCR racing–definitely took him to his limits.

This guy just finished a marathon in 3:0x in some traditional attire. Now his eyes are fixed on an ultramarathon, and I could see him fitting in just fine with this eclectic group.

One way to keep your marriage intact while competing at a high level: Run it like a business.  I’d be interested to see how kids fit into this equation.

Niche sports (like MUT running) and the doping you don’t hear about.

Want to read a hilarious 100 mile report? Here’s John Burton’s report from Rio Del Lago.  And here’s my interview with John from last year.


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