MUT Daily News | Tue, Feb 4

Podium Runner: How to train like an elite. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam covers Jane Benfer’s latest outbursts, some new FKTs, shoe tech, and more. Well done, as always.

Trailsisters: Pin this one, folks. Laura writes about the little lies we tell ourselves and how we can overcome them.

“I genuinely think I have a good ability to deal with pain, and I actually kind of relish it in a way, you know when you get to a point in training or a race where you think, ‘I can’t do this any more.’ I’m like, ‘Yes! I’ve gotten to this point, now I can enjoy it.’ And I associate the pain with doing well and I so badly want to do well and be pleased with my performance.”

SCMP: Junior cyclist slash triathlete turned Irish Olympic Marathon champ Catriona Jennings has her eyes set on ultramarathons and trails. Ooooh, this could be good!

Two things I like a lot: My buddy Kyle Robidoux (URP interview) and Athletic Brewing Company come together for an interview. To note…though Athletic is a non-alcoholic craft brewery, Kyle is very much a “real” beer guy. Goes to show how good ABC is!

Canadian Running: Bev Abbs (2012 interview) enters a race as a tune up for a different race and ends up breaking the 50M AG record. Oopsies.

Hell yes! Gary Robbins is heading back to Barkley. I’ve got no desire to run it, but love what Gary’s doing.

Trailrunner Mag: An even-handed response to the “trail parasite” article from a few months ago. Good points, Garrett.
To clarify: My complaint was not with the message in the original post, but rather Outside’s childish trolling of the trail scene on social media.

Ugh, tragedy as group of HS runners is hit and one killed by suspected DUI.

Runner’s World: Paul Perry, 75, just ran 6:36 pace for 3k to set a new AG record. Dayum!

Wish me luck: We’re having track practice immediately following the 5th grade “sex talk” at school. This should be interesting.

SCMP: How coronavirus is affecting Chinese runners. Interesting.

Outside: Scott Jurek’s favorite places to run in the world.

A developmental biologist makes her case for why sports should be separated by sex, not gender.

Counterpoint: The fundamental flaw in not allowing trans women to compete in women’s sports.

This podcast with suicide-survivor-turned-ultrarunner Carol Seppilu was one of my favorites from last year. Powerful, emotional, strong, vulnerable…incredible. Henry just interviewed her to find out even more.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: FKTs, shoes, and more.

Speaking of FKTs…sounds like this year we’ll see some big pushes from elite men. Wardian is going transcontinental, Timothy Olson is taking on the PCT, Ghelfi has a lineup of big FKTs he’s attempting.
Any women staking out big plans?

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