MUT Running Daily News | April Fools Day

I’ll admit to being bummed about the lack of April Fool’s jokes this year. We’re all dealing with this situation differently, and some of us choose humor and levity to get through. Ah well, here’s an oldie but goodie from AJW that I’d love to see come to life.

Endurance Sportswire: Let’s be sure to remember the companies that are making donations to frontline workers once this whole thing is over. This week, 100%, a performance eyewear company make a big donation to So Cal EMS workers.

“It’s apparent that many staff members are scared. I’m scared, but we are also ready,” Mammoth SPORT Center physiotherapist Tim Tollefson said. “Personally I have fear over the potential long-term lung damage if and when exposed.”

Medium: The corona virus may be hitting ski towns harder than urban areas, and it’s a double hit: Higher rates of covid and more economic damage to fragile tourism industries.

Hillseeker: Take some time and plan your next race season (whenever that is) like a coach would.

Treeline Journal: With everything on hold, now’s a good time to get your base phase training in check.

With most other sports on hold, a CBDcompany in Colorado announces its sponsorship of the World Jigsaw Championship.

IRF/Liza Howard: I’m loving this Age Old Runners series from Liza. Up next is the ageless Steven Moore from Austin Texas.

Trailrunner: Cool story about how Hillygoat Hillary Allen is dealing with her time quarantined in a remote cabin in France.

Triathlete: An RD answers your questions about race cancellations.

Two podcasts were released yesterday that included me as a guest. And yes, I’ll be recording soon, just trying to tackle this new reality first.

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