Natalie Ghelfi Interview | Lessons From Her First 100k

Natalie Ghelfi joined me for a conversation about her first 100k. We talk about her training, what she learned in her buildup, and how she executed her race. We also talk strollers, marriages, downhill running, shoes, and more.

Natalie Ghelfi

In this podcast, we discuss an issue many runners struggle with, and that’s one of self confidence and pain avoidance. Are you the type of person who throws it all out there and lets what happen happen, or are you more reserved with your goals and efforts for fear of failing? I’m the former, while our guest Natalie is the latter and we talk a bit about tempering expectations and how to push oneself if we’re afraid of pushing too hard. 

Natalie Ghelfi
Ryan and Natalie Ghelfi with son Laiken.

We also talk about two other main drivers in Natalie Ghelfi’s life. She’s married to HOKA athlete and Trails-and-Tarmac coach/founder Ryan Ghelfi and we talk about what it’s like living with a coach, whether she heeds his advice, and how they manage racing calendars when each wants to run.

The other influence is her infant son, who’s spending lots of time in the running stroller and tempting her with DNFs. Listen to the interview then let me know if you struggle with the same temptations.

Natalie Ghelfi


Natalie Ghelfi Episode Notes

Here’s the link to Broken Arrow Skyrace.

Here’s the site for the Sean O’Brien 100k.

Here’s the stroller we were talking about.

We talked about the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb race. Here’s the site.

The two shoes I talked about: HOKA Cavu and the Topo Athletic Runventure 2 . Full reviews forthcoming. (Affiliate links.)

The pack that Natalie was talking about is the Salomon S/Lab Sense Ultra 5 Set. Here’s Ben’s review of the pack…he loves it too.

Natalie Ghelfi’s husband Ryan coaches and writes at his site right here.

Here’s the Stone Delicious IPA that’s great for the gluten-free crowd.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand. Music and tour info over here.


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