Natural Running Form, Case Closed

The running community is flooded with debates about what constitutes the natural running form.

Heel striking or mid-foot running?

Chi running or Newton running?

Barefoot running or shod running?

Efficient running or strength running?

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Here’s a quick video I took of my daughter Sunny. She’s five, loves the outdoors, and has never had instruction on how to run, why to run, and certainly has never had a gait analysis.  She simply runs naturally and doesn’t think about it. Kids running is instinctive.

Her only goal is to beat me to the next trail marker and to have fun.

The debate can go on, but to me, that is natural running.



What can we do to get back to that point in our running lives? Hypothetically, would amnesia allow us to “start over” and run naturally, or is it something that we’ve programmed into our physical makeup and can never reverse?


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