Neal Collick Interview | From the Marines to a Biker Gang to Trail Ultras on Michigan’s UP

We all have our own stories of finding our place in this silly sport. Some move seamlessly from collegiate track to the trails, while some have been running their whole lives. Then there are people like Neal Collick from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Neal didn’t run in high school and only ran during his time in the Marine Corps to pass tests…certainly not for fun.

Neal Collick runner
Neal Collick en route to his win at Superior 100.

After a tough few years adapting back to civilian life, Neal found solace in running, then quickly discovered his love for the trails and eventually trail ultramarathons.  In this interview, Neal shares his story about how he got to where he is now–over the physical barriers and mental blocks–and how he compares to his former self.

neal collick
Neal Collick experiencing non-snowy conditions at Javelina Jundred.

Neal Collick hasn’t just found himself on the trails though…he’s won eight of twelve races entered and is heading back to Minnesota Voyageur 50M this weekend to defend his title from last years win.  He shared with us his unconventional racing diet, struggles with an intestinal disease, and the love he’s got for the thriving UP trail scene.

This interview really shows the transformation that takes place when someone uses trail running and the MUT community as a guide and throws their heart and mind into this silly sport. Please find links mentioned in the interview below:

Neal Collick Episode Notes

Cover pic by Amy Broadmoore. The rest of her pics are right this way.

Here’s a video featuring Neal a few years ago.

Here’s the site for BandofRunners. Check them out and donate if you can. It’s a great cause!

Here are the links for the Tevis Cup,  Pioneer Spirit 50 and for White River 50

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