New BOA Contest!

My Adidas Energy Boosts with BOA

I’m a huge fan of anything that prevents my shoes from coming untied, as there’s nothing worse than having to stop and kneel down during a hard run because your stupid shoelaces are flapping and slapping your ankles.

Enter BOA.  The technology uses uber-thin steel cables that lock to a twisty dial that locks the laces in place.  Very cool system.

The winner of the contest will receive the BOA system on any pair of commercially-available shoes.  This system is not available for purchase anywhere, so this is truly a prize that money can’t buy. Big thanks to the folks at BOA for making this available.

Contest rules:

  • Write some haiku about your laces and/or shoes and/or BOA. Needs to be in 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables format. Here’s a tutorial if you need it.
  • Must be less than 140 characters in order to fit on Twitter.
  • Post the haiku below (in the comments section), and then cut-n-paste it to Twitter as well.
  • Entries must appear on both URP and Twitter.
  • Submissions must be tagged with @ultrarunnerpod, @boaclosure, and the shoe company of your choice.  Here’s an example:

Oh untied laces

Why the hell won’t you stay tied?

BOA on my mind

@ultrarunnerpod, @boaclosure, @hokaoneone

  • One submission per person please.
  • International entries OK.
  • If you’re not on Twitter, must appear on Facebook.
  • Winner receives shoes of their choice with BOA closure system installed. Pretty freakin awesome!
  • I’ll pick a winner Tues, Aug 26

Follow (and tag) to BOA here on Twitter.


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