Nickademus Hollon – Tor des Geants

10648908_10152742190317959_3071275602625820278_oNickademus Hollon Interview

So you think you’ve bonked before? Legs hurt, you’re zapped of energy, and your stomach turns? Try having full psychedelic visions of your pacer splitting in two, while you’re 3 days into a race with virtually no sleep in the Italian Alps…and you’re still wanting to race and catch the runner ahead of you.

Nick joins me for a full recap of his 2nd place finish at Tor des Geants–205 miles and 75k’ of vert and aid stations stocked with hors d’ouevres, helicopters, and mountaintop tea offerings.

Nick talks about the power of positive thinking, adapting to problems on the trail, staying in the moment, and appreciating the opportunity we’ve all been given to experience this awesome sport.

10633481_10204893522485718_2054802706649085555_oEpisode Notes:

Full race report from his blog and the cool video of other competitors’ hallucinations. My favorite is Gary at 7:56.

Nick is sponsored by carbopro

Race website

Outro music: California Love by Dr Dre and Tupac


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