North Face 50 Elite List Interviews

North Face 50 Endurance Challenge Elite Entrant Interviews From the Past

No new material here, but if you’re looking to learn a bit more (read: beer preferences) about some of the elite field at this weekend’s North Face 50 Endurance Championship, you can start with the list below (in no particular order.)

First: Be sure to check out Jay Friedman’s handicapping here, and iRunFar’s list right here (ladies) and here (fellas.)


Megan Kimmel – A past preview of Stephanie Howe, Megan, and Sally McRae’s run at TNF ’14.

clare gallagher leadville
Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher – Recent interview with Clare (another new North Face athlete) about Thailand, Princeton, and how she fueled her first 100 (that little race called Leadville that she won ) on cake frosting.

Magda Boulet – A past preview of Magda, YiOu Wang, and Alicia Vargo (Shay’s) run at TNF 2014.

Cassie Scallon, Photo by Sage Canaday.
Cassie Scallon, Photo by Sage Canaday.

Cassie Scallon – Scotty and I chatted with Cassie in 2013 about her unconventional training plans and love of trail running.

Lindsay Tollefson – Here’s her interview from the “couples edition”, and here’s her interview before her first 50 miler at Lake Sonoma last year.

Sarah Keyes
Sarah Keyes

Sarah Keyes – Here’s her recent interview with Ethan and I where she talked about dirtbagging around the country, racing in the Adirondacks, and managing a brewpub.

Stephanie Violett (Howe) – Here’s our first chat with Stephanie in 2014, then this pre-Sonoma chat in ’14, then this pre-TNF chat the same year, then this pre-Way Too Cool chat from early last year.


Jim Walmsley – Here’s our first interview with Jim before he blew up the ultra scene at Lake Sonoma ’15, then our full chat with him from early this year, then his recant of his run at Western States this year.

Zach Miller – Here’s when we first met Zach (2014), while he was still living on a cruiseship, then later that year.

Paddy O'Leary and his new NorthFace mugshot.
Paddy O’Leary and his new NorthFace mugshot.

Paddy O’Leary – Here’s our chat with Irish transplant (and North Face’s newest fella) from one year ago.  There are a lot of people pulling for Paddy this weekend!

Sage Canaday – Here’s our chat with Sage from 2013 when he was still pretty new to the MUT scene, then in 2014 before Speedboat, again the same year before North Face (along with Tim Olson and Mike Foote), then again in 2015 before UTMB.

Hayden Hawks
Hayden Hawks with a bobblehead?

Hayden Hawks – No pressure, but I’ve got this guy on the podium: He’s got speed, he’s a hard worker, smart runner, and wants this bad.  Here’s our chat from a few weeks ago.  

Cody Reed – Jim Walsmey’s friend and training partner, Cody has gone 3/3 in ultras this year and is now running for The North Face.  Here’s our chat from last week.

David Laney – Here’s our interview with Dave after he won UROY 2015.

Coree Woltering
Coree Woltering

Coree Woltering – Coree may not be familiar to many on the West Coast, but this dude can run. Here’s our interview from last year.  His recent 5:30 50 miler has a lot of people wondering how he’ll do on Saturday.


So after reading Jay and IRF’s handicapping and listening to interviews, who’ll be on the podium?  

Top three men, top three women, then a dark horse for each.

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