Oops. Not What I Had Planned.

Earlier today I posted an open letter to Jim Walmsley that was meant to promote healthy discussion about a serious issue facing our sport.  I hesitated printing an anonymous piece, but decided that it would be the right decision and would help focus the conversation on solutions rather than focusing on the author.

I made a mistake.  

Many read the post differently than I had, and the implications behind the posts and comments were not what I had intended.  I have no problem with healthy discussion, but when a large part of the URP audience reads something in a way that implicates someone else, and completely differently than I had interpreted it, I needed to reconsider my judgement to post it in the first place. To be clear, I didn’t write the letter.

I deleted the letter and can only offer an oops and an apology.


Please use real name. Anonymous comments will be deleted. Thanks.

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