Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 Tights and Oiselle Jogging Knickers

Both the Oiselle Jogging Knickers and Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 Length Tights are a good option for a variety of cooler weather conditions. Whether it’s 0 degrees or 50 degrees, we all need a good pair (or 5) of tights to get us through cooler temperature runs, right?

This review includes both of these items because of their similarities: from the mid-thigh up the Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 Tights and Jogging Shorts are essentially the same. From the thigh down, they differ in length, fabric, and style.

Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length tights and Oiselle jogging Knickers
Oiselle jogging Knickers and Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length tights.


Fabric: Nyelle Compression, (90% nylon/10% spandex)
Fabric (lower leg, 3/4 tights): Hawkeye fabric (91% nylon/9 % spandex)
Inseam (size 4): 3/4 length—23”; knickers—16”
Cut: Mid-rise
Features: Interior drawstring, back zip pocket, midnight compression
Price: $74 Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 tights; $68 Oiselle Jogging Knickers
Color Options: Blue, Black, Red (Knickers only)

What’s Good: The New, Differentiating, or Simply Well Designed or Built Features

Let’s start with the waistband. As is common styling these days, these tights sport a wide waistband, measuring approximately three inches. The wide waistband seems to have come into fashion both for, well fashion and for function. A wider waistband tends to be more comfortable and more flattering on a variety of body sizes and shapes.

Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length Oiselle Jogging Knickers
Drawstring detail.

The width also allows the manufacturer to include a larger pocket on the waist since the structure of the waistband can support it. One potential downside to the wider waistband is if it doesn’t fit you well, you can find yourself mid-run with your waistband down around your knees. Thankfully, Oiselle has also included a drawstring so you can customize your fit.

The waistband pocket is one of the standout features of these tights. It is BIG. It can easily hold a 5.5-inch phone (think the smaller form factor 5, 5s, and 5c). A mid-range style phone will also fit, but it gets a bit snugger (the 6s/7/8 will all fit; any plus size phones are too big). If you like to always have your phone with you while running but don’t always want to wear a vest, this is a good option.

oiselle hawkeye pockets
Pocket Detail for Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length

The pocket can also swallow a jangle of keys, or a full size bar, or even a full size packet of TrailButter (which also helps to keep the TrailButter warm, making it easy to eat mid-run)—without any bounce (seriously, you might actually throw these in the wash with a bar still in the pocket because you forgot it was there). Of the items listed above, only the iPhone 6s felt like it was on the edge of maxing out the capacity of the pocket and did allow for a little bounce.

The Nyelle Compression fabric is soft, comfortable against the skin, and wicks moisture extremely well, so you don’t end up with that clammy feeling post-run.

The 3/4 length tights have an asymmetrical design starting around mid-thigh where the transition to Hawkeye fabric beings. The purpose of asymmetry seems to be purely fashion based, and I can see how it could be construed as flattering to not chop the body so severely at the thigh. For the user, the asymmetry is not noticeable.

The Hawkeye pin-hole knit provides coverage but also a bit more air circulation on the lower leg. The usage of the lighter weight Hawkeye fabric allows these tights to be more of an all-season piece, as the mesh is much lighter and cooler than the Nyelle Compression fabric.

Detail showing the flatlock seam on the Oiselle Jogging Knickers.
Detail showing the flatlock seam on the Oiselle Jogging Knickers.

What Could be Improved: Tweaks or Improvements that Could be Made to Make the Tights Better.

On the OIselle Hawkeye tights, I was disappointed that the tights did not seem to taper very much towards the lower calf. This left the fabric loose toward the base of the calf. Not a deal breaker, but also not my preferred fit. Although, full disclosure, the 3/4 length tights are almost full length on me, with the bottom of the tights being only 2 inches above my ankle. Perhaps if you are taller you won’t have this issue.

Overall I would recommend they cut the legs a little tighter as they near the ankle, and consider adding grippers so they don’t ride up.

I do tend to feel that the tights run a little large. I would normally wear a 6 according to the size chart, but I sized down to a 4 and thought they fit just right. I do tend to prefer my tights to be, well, tight, so if you like a loose fit then you might want to stick to your actual size.

Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length tights
Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length tights show asymmetrical design.

When to use them: The Situations or Scenarios Where the Oiselle Tights Excel.

The Hawkeye 3/4 length tight is a solid choice for temperatures ranging from 20–50 degrees. The Hawkeye fabric does its job and helps keep you cool, so you don’t overheat as the temperature creeps up.

The Jogging Knickers are good for temperatures from 30–65 degrees.

How They Compare: My Current go-to Tights.

Brooks Greenlight Capris: I love these tights and have them in three or four colors. They are a perfect mix of compression and softness, with good wicking properties, at a decent price point. I, unfortunately, learned while writing this review that they are also discontinued.

2XU 3/4 Compression Tights: Very different product from the Oiselle tights, offering full compression. I prefer the thicker waistband of the Oiselle and Brooks tights over the 2XU.

Should you Purchase? My Overall Recommendation on Whether to Purchase These Tights or Not.

I’d give a solid yes to the Hawkeye 3/4 tights. The Hawkeye mesh of these tights gives them a broad temperature range, allowing you to get more for your money. And the detail of adding a drawstring to the waist should allow you to dial in the fit. The HUGE pocket on the waist is a major selling point for me as it was nice to have an option to leave the vest at home and still have my phone with me.

The Jogging Knickers I’m not fully sold on. I really didn’t like how they rode up and I was left with fabric bunching at my knees.

Purchasing Information for the Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 Tights and Oiselle Jogging Knickers.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these tights, check out your local, independently-owned running specialty store to check them out. Click here to go straight to Hawkeye 3/4 Tights or here to go to the Jogging Knickers on the Oiselle site. You can also find their dealer list here, and if you happen to find yourself in Seattle, Washington you should check out their Flagship store in Seattle’s University Village.

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