Ommegang Three Philosophers Quadrupel Ale


Nice big oatmeal-colored head sits on top of a dark red and murky brew.  The head dies after a few minutes.


Definite malts, dark cherry, bready and wild yeast are all right up front. This beer has a wonderfully exciting nose to it and is getting me excited.  Toasted wood and banana are also strong scents. Get this in my belly!


Wow! This is a really big and really damn good quad that’s not for beginners.  Made in the traditional Belgian style (albeit with the blend), this is complex and multi-layered, there’s no lacingcherry up front (the beer is brewed with 2% cherry kriek), but the raisins, toasted malts, and banana are all right there.  It’s sweeter tasting than smelling in almost a burned caramel sort of way. Really good stuff.  Definitely a boozy beer with no real attempt at hiding the alcohol.  The cherry comes through towards the end and finishes well.


Three Philosphers is brewed at the Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown, New York.  I picked it up from my local beer purveyor (Corti Bros) for $8 for a 750mL.  Nicely corked with a champagne-like corkcage, this beer deserves proper glassware.  The ABV is 9.7% for this beauty and it’s worth every penny and calorie.


I’ll be drinking this again, especially at such a reasonable price. This is a hearty and big beer that deserves respect.

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