Oskar Blues Scotch Ale

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of craft brews sold in cans.

I love Scotch Ales. And I now know that I especially love Scotch strong ales. Up until now, Jack Russell Brewery’s Scottish Ale has been my favorite of the style, but it’s been bumped. Oh yeah, it’s been bumped.

I know this is heresy for many of our readers in the Rockies, but Oskar Blues Dale’s IPA rates a “good” from me. I like it. I’ll drink it. But because of the build up, Dale’s was sort of a let down. Oskar Blues brewery is based in Colorado and has a loyal fan base.

IMG_2407First, get over the fact that this isn’t poured from a bottle or a tap. The can cost me $1.99 and tasted every bit as good.

Appearance: Nice thick head with a dimpled foam. Lovely clear amber pour.

Smell: Nothing major. Slight malt, but not a significant aroma in any sense.

Taste: First thing is a major foam mustache on my upper lip!  Then I notice the flavor. Very malt forward and complex. Yum. Definitely roasted malts. Strong alcohol. Clingy and cloying, but in a really good way.  Extremely drinkable.  Medium body. Brown sugar and earthy flavors. Alcohol again…I grab the can…oh yeah, it’s 8% and the brewer didn’t do a lot to mask it.  Definitely not a IMG_2408warm weather beer, but absolutely fantastic in the cooler climates. Average carbonation throughout.

I’ll definitely be going back to this beer again. This is a really, really good beer for $2. What’s that? A $12 six pack? I’d pay it.

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