Dominic Grossman Interview – Overtraining Syndrome

Dominic Grossman and Overtraining Syndrome

Sarah and I chat with Dominic Grossman about his life on the trails and overtraining syndrome: The symptoms, effects, and results of this interesting condition.  We’re not doctors, but we get a very real sense of what OTS does to the body and the mind of ultrarunners.  Most importantly, we discuss how to prevent OTS from wrecking your time on the trails–and at home.

overtraining syndrom
Dominic Grossman


Dom shares a story about the first sign that something was wrong, and it surprises the heck out of me how it was manifested.  He also talks about the ups and downs of fatigue and performance and we explore how much emotion, psyche, and stress contribute to overtraining syndrome.

dominic grossman overtraining syndrome
Dominic Grossman. Snowy trails.


In this Dominic Grossman Overtraining Syndrome episode, we really try to dive into this important subject from a runners perspective, and more specifically, a runner who’s life is tied into the running scene on a daily basis.  How do we prioritize our lives if we’re also in Fear Of Missing Out on great adventures?  If our happiness is tied to running, how do we find the proper balance when everything seems like an important aspect to that end?

overtraining syndrome

Dominic Grossman Overtraining Syndrome Episode Notes:


Episode sponsored by the CardKeeper by Savage Life Solutions.  Scott the founder is an ultrarunner from Canada who’s got a great product. Check it out.

Here’s Dom’s website.  He’s sponsored by  New Balance, Injinji, VFuel, ProBar, and Julbo.

Here’s the article from Outside Magazine about OTS.  Great read.

Here’s The 88’s (outro music) website.

Note: Overtraining syndrome is still being studied, analyzed, and debated by the medical and sports communities, and many experts differ with opinions–especially with the names of disorders.  As mentioned in the show, we do our best to discuss the symptoms and signs of this problem and how to prevent it from detracting from quality trail time. 


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