Patagonia All-Weather Zip Neck Hoody

The All Weather Zip Neck Hoody from Patagonia is a garment I see myself having for a long time.  I’ll probably pull it out of the closet around Halloween, wear it like crazy thru Fall and Winter, then stash it when Spring rolls around.  As far as synthetic materials go, it comes as close to a perfect cold-weather running top as I’ve found.

P1120218Made of a Polygiene/Spandex blend, the top fits a runners build well. It’d call it a medium weight material that can be worn as a base layer in the snow and a standalone top on runs, capable of temps ranging from 25-50 degrees when worn alone.  It’s got a mesh back to it to prevent overheating, while somehow retaining necessary heat.  The hoody also offers 15 UPF.

The All Weather Zip Neck Hoody retails for $69.

My three favorite things about the top:

The Hood


The hood fits tight over the head and forehead and doesn’t allow heat to escape out the top. If you’re going to wear a hood, make it useful, and Patagonia nailed it with this one.  Also, the front portion of the hood comes up to the mouth/nose, ensuring warmth. They call it “anatomically shaped”, I call it “Trail Ninja”, but whatever you wanna call it, it works.

The Mittens


If it’s a bit chilly out, use the thumb holes. If it’s windy or too cold for exposure, fold the integrated mittens over and you’ve got full protection.  You lose all dexterity and use of your hands, but at least they’ll be warm, and what else do you need on a run?

The Zipper


This sucker goes all the way down past my chest, and I love it. When I head out, it’s zipped up to my face, but after I warm up, I’m able to unzip the entire front of the top and get some nice airflow.  And from the It’s the Little Things That Matter Category, the zipper is small and tough with a pull tab that works with gloves on.


In terms of drawbacks, this is a tough one.  It does run a bit large, but that is completely overshadowed by its fit, function, washability, and price.


Highly recommended.

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