Patrick Reagan | Hundred Mile Debut, Pedicabs, Jugbands, and Training Tips

Patrick Reagan and His 100 Mile Debut

Patrick Reagan (HOKA One One) ran his first hundred miler at Javelina this year and was two minutes away from breaking thirteen hours.  He says he felt fine, loves the distance, and can’t wait to run more. He also wants to be smart, not over-race, and stay healthy.

Patrick Reagan
Patrick Reagan. Pic w/ permission by Howie Stern.

While Patrick hasn’t filled his calendar with mountain ultras over the last few years, he’s earned solid results at Comrades, World 100k championships, the Olympic Trials, and more. As a NCAA D2 All American, Patrick ran competitively in college, then took a few years off to play in a ragtime jug band before finding running again.  A stint as a pedicab driver in Savannah helped his rehab his legs, and the rest is history!

Patrick Reagan.
Patrick Reagan at Comrades.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • His background and the incredible list of successful runners from Pennsylvania.
  • Collegiate track and xc experience.
  • How pedicabbing got him back in shape for running.
  • Playing washboard in a gypsy ragtime band.
  • Training for ultras vs training for marathons.
  • The Comrades experience and how he managed to keep his cool despite it all.
  • The rumor about Jim Walmsley targeting the 50M American Record and who he thinks could also give it a shot.
  • How he trained and executed his first 100M at Javelina last month.
  • His calendar going forward and how he plans to remain healthy and engaged in the sport.


Patrick Reagan Episode Notes:

Patrick’s band was a called The Long Goners. They’re broken up, but you may find some tunes online.

Here’s the Morgan Elliot interview we referenced.

Savannah pedicabs.

patrick reagan
Patrick at Javelina. Pic w/permission by Howie Stern.

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Patrick Reagan Online

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Gear Talk with Ben

URP Gear Editor Ben Zuehlsdorf and I spoke about gear we use on a daily basis. Here’s a sampling of items we covered:


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patrick reagan
Stump/Jump 50k.

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