Phil Wiley Interview

Last week, Phil Wiley ran Hardrock 100, drove a few hours, then ran the Colorado 200. That’s 303 miles, 80k’, and 120 hours of racing in one week.

















Holy crap is right.

I got a chance to chat with this ENT doc from Colorado about his motivation, training, execution, and recovery from this amazing double.  You’ll never guess what body part is the most sore!

What’s his fuel? How does his body react?

I took an Ambien, ate 2 cheeseburgers, looked at the paper plate, and there was a grease mark with a guy juggling two gerbils.

Phil also talks about how to stay positive and successful during ultras and offers some sage advice for runners of all abilities.

The Wiley clan. Phil on left.
The Wiley clan. Phil on left.

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Here’s the race I’m doing next weekend.

Outro music:  Head On, by The Jesus and Mary Chain

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