Prairie Bomb Imperial Stout

OK, so I broke my “no beer two weeks before a race” commitment…all in the name of reviewing this beer for you folks!


Style: Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and chili peppers.

Bottle size: 12oz for $8 at my local beer snob shop.

ABV: 14% ABV (yep)

Brewed by Prairie Artisan Ales in Krebs, Oklahoma


First, great looking bottle with waxed cap. These people obviously care about their beers.

Pours shiny black with a dark brown head. Not tan, not khaki. Brown.


Oooh, nice dark roasty nose! Definite chocolate, bitter coffee beans, dark nuts, malts, and oak.  Smells like someone took all those ingredients and spilled them on an old leather chair then squeezed the essence of that into a big stout.  Exciting and complex nose that I can’t wait to get into. No pungent “boozy” smell.


Taste largely follows nose with bitter black coffee and chocolate taking center stage.  Not too viscous, but neither very thick on the tongue. The chili pepper isn’t noticeable at first but comes through on center of tongue and back of throat as I drank. Chili doesn’t overpower the beer, it’s a well-balanced complement that these guys did right.  Not boozy at all. Don’t know how the brewers hid 14%, but they sure did!  Creamy mouthfeel with a roasted and whiskey-like overall taste.

bottle closeOverall

Definitely a fun beer. I’d generally stay away from anything with chili pepper added in the brewing process, but this came so strongly recommended that I had to try it.  If you have any hesitation, spend the eight bucks and try it out.

This is a well-crafted and delicious beer and I can’t wait to try other samplings from these guys in Oklahoma.  Definitely recommend this for folks who like their beer dark.

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