Prius: Defined


[prahyuh s]
1.  (in prescriptions) before; former.
noun (Trademark)
1.  A popular hybrid vehicle manufactured by the Toyota Motor Company that is known for operating with virtually no sound.
“The cyclist didn’t hear the Prius behind him as he merged into traffic.”
1. To silently approach a runner from behind, scaring the shit out of them. Often used in running and cycling parlance.
“She was enjoying her time on the trail alone when suddenly someone Priused her from behind and she tripped on a root.”
Contemporary commentary: Practice widely frowned upon by runners. Group request those approaching from behind attempt to make selves known. Practice getting worse with advent of e-bikes.  
Exceptions: Priusing those with two earbuds still acceptable practice in most situations. Priusing during races is commonly accepted.
Geographic variation: Tesla.
Antonyms: Douchbag. ex: “Did you see that douchebag who was blasting music out of his hydration pack?”

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