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rabbit Apparel Review 

[Eric here. During my chat with Sabrina Little, I was intrigued with rabbit apparel and reached out to them to them for samples.  I’ll be releasing my review shortly, but here’s Jade’s take on some of the new garments, as well as some she’d previous purchased.]


The author running Cascade Crest 100 in rabbit apparel.

While this review will cover new-to-me rabbit apparel, I’m already a big fan of rabbit (yes, purposefully without a capital R). On the day of my second 100-mile, Cascade Crest (report here), I happened to line up next to two women who were wearing rabbit head-to-toe, like myself. They both turned to look at me. “I like your clothes,” one said, then grinned.“You know this is the co-founder, right?” The woman who had complimented me introduced herself as Monica. We spent the next few hours following each other along pine studded single track, and I learned several things about Monica’s company: one, rabbit is local. Like, really local. 100% of their clothing is manufactured in Los Angeles, with their “office” only 100 miles north in Santa Barbara, where the founders live. Most importantly, rabbit was created out of the desire to make running apparel that the founders wanted to wear, which meant that they prioritized comfort, functionality, and style. Luckily, rabbit really does check off all three

Size-wise, I’m 5’5.5’’, 108 lbs, and usually a size small or x-small for most items. My measurements are apparently bust: 32’, waist: 25’, hips: 31’ and for rabbit, I ordered small tops and xs shorts and tights.

I was recently sent the black heather Sleevie Wonder, the stripe Long Legs, and the snorkel blue Catch Me If You Can shorts. Also seen below, though not reviewed as I already owned them, are the dress blue heather Zippity-Do-Da , the black and snorkel blue Legs, the black Catch Me If You Can shorts, and the snorkel blue Tee Amo shirt. I ran distances as short as two miles and as long as 20 while wearing the reviewed items, and had zero issues with chafing or rubbing. The fabric, which for the most part is a blend of polyester and spandex, keeps the smell to the minimum and the comfort to a maximum. For example, I wore the shirts when not running or planning on running numerous times.

rabbit Sleevie Wonder Long Sleeve Shirt ($65)


The Sleevie Wonder is described as a long-sleeve shirt that is best suited to chilly days where an extra layer is overkill but anything less and your arms are freezing. The light, though warm, fabric is comfortable enough to wear around the house, and I found myself using the thumbholes on early morning runs. The half mesh looked cute, in my opinion, although my brother did ask why my shirt looked twisted. The fitting is relaxed, which works when the weather warms up and you need to push up your sleeves. 

Use code URP20 for a 20% discount on your order. Thanks, rabbit!

rabbit Long Legs Tights ($90)

I was apprehensive when I pulled these tights from their packaging. They looked way too small. Luckily, their compression wear is made of very stretchable fabric that fits well while still remaining comfortable. The wide waistband ensures that the tights stay up (no need to pull up your pants midway through a long run!) and the back pocket is perfect for stashing my keys. The fabric behind the knees is made of mesh, which helps with comfort and coolness (I can’t be the only one with back-of-knee sweat). In the future, I would go up one more size for added comfort, but it wasn’t a big problem.


rabbit jade belzberg 

rabbit Catch Me If You Can Shorts ($50)


rabbit Catch Me If You Can shorts and Sleevie Wonder top
rabbit apparel
rabbit Sleevie Wonder

During the Twin Peaks 50-mile in October, I wore a pair of black Catch Me If You Can Shorts. In fact, I’ve ran everything from a speedy 5K to a mountain 100-miler in these shorts and not once have I had issues with chafing. The shorts are made for speed, and, as advertised, don’t have any extra ruffle, stitching or what could be confused as stylish, though useless, additions. The Catch Me If You Can shorts also include a back pocket with a wide waistband. I did, however, find discrepancies in the sizing. The black pair I own fit tighter and, thanks to my forever-stick-like legs, look better than the looser pair in snorkel blue color. Unless you have larger thighs and glutes, consider sizing down in these shorts. Regardless, these will be your new favorite shorts. The unnecessary “fluff” of fancy ruffles and excess pockets means that these shorts stay cool and comfortable, whether you’re training in the gym or outside.

Jade enjoying the trails in rabbit wear.


Overall Opinion of rabbit Apparel

Overall, I highly recommend rabbit apparel. Specific standouts are the softness of fabric, the relaxed yet comfortable fit, and inclusion of details like pockets and the exclusions of overly flashy colors or unnecessary ruffles. Do consider that sizes don’t seem to fit across the board–I’ve worn Legs and Catch Me If You Can (tights and shorts) that have been both too big and too small.

Use code URP20 for a 20% discount on your order. Thanks, rabbit!

Jade Belzberg rabbitThis review was written by Jade Belzberg from San Diego, California. As mentioned, some of the items were purchased by her, some provided as samples by rabbit/URP.  All words and thoughts are her own and no entity was compensated for this review.

 Jade appeared on URP in this interview about her first hundred miler and blogs/writes on her eponymous website right here.


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