Racer 5 (California IPA)

I haven’t had an IPA in awhile and it was awfully nice to return to one of my favorites.  Racer 5 is brewed by Bear Republic brewing in Sonoma County, CA and they’ve been at it for awhile.  Racer 5 is one of my top 5 IPAs.


I picked up a 22oz for $4 at the local market and brought it home to perfect weather.  Pours a nice golden honey with extra dense head for an IPA.  Whereas some have millions of little bubbles, this is more fluffy.  Smell is hoppy, but nothing overpowering, and the taste pretty much follows suit. Yeah, there’s hops, but it’s highly drinkable with just the right amount of bitterness and alcohol (7% ABV).


The mouthfeel is moderate, with flavors lingering for awhile until my mouth tells my brain that I need more of this stuff.  This is just a really damn good beer and IMHO, the perfect representation of a California IPA. If you’re looking for a total hop bomb, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for hop balance, welcome home.


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