RecoFit Compression Sleeves

Alright, let’s get it out of the way. I’ve referred to compression wear as “pointless accessories”, “a waste of money” and “leg panties” ever since they came to market.

But during a recent integrity check, I experienced a nasty bout of self-reflection and realized that I hadn’t actually tried them out, instead forming my opinion based on how they look. Not fair, not fair at all.IMG_4268

The only bit of compression gear I’d ever tried was last year, when I sampled some Swiftwick compression socks.  I appreciated the recovery help they offered, but struggled to pull them over my big feet and ultimately gave up.  They’d literally take me a few minutes to get on, and I was afraid to take them off, in fear of accidentally losing my grip and punching myself in the face.

RecoFit approached me and asked if I’d be interested in trying their sleeves, and I initially declined…but last month reconsidered and offered to try them out.


  • These are a lot easier to get on than compression socks. They’re not as thick of a weave and slide on and off pretty easily when wearing running socks.
  • They stay up on my calves well, due to some sticky material on the inside cuff of each sleeve. No slippage.
  • They’re each labeled “Right front” and “Left front” so there’s no mistake, as each sleeve is designed for a specific calf.



  • I’ve tried to find a discernible difference in running with sleeves, and running sans sleeves, and simply can’t.  However, I’m a big believer in slipping these on  after a run to help with recovery. I’ll wear mine for 12 hours or so afterwards and don’t generally feel excessive leg fatigue.
  • These are tight, but not nearly as tight as the Swiftwick compression socks I tried. Whether or not there’s a difference in effectiveness is yet to be decided.



  • Sized S/M/L based on calf circumference. I wore a medium.
  • For what it’s worth, the RecoFit labels come off after a few weeks of use.  Poor attempt at adhesion.
  • I haven’t washed mine in the machine, but have hand washed them a few times andImage 1they’re doing fine.
  • I’ve broken through light brush and sticky branches with these and the material hasn’t snagged.


  • Offered in black or white.
  • $44.95 MSRP.
  • Designed and made in the USA.

Final Conclusion

I’m a big believer in the Placebo Effect. If it makes you feel better or faster to run with sleeves, by all means, keep at it and reap the benefits! I find that compression sleeves offer results in recovery, while some people I’m sure roll their eyes at this new technology.  To each their own.

If I were in the market for another pair of sleeves, I’d definitely check these out.  Easy to wear, light and breathable enough to not notice, and well built, these leg panties didn’t disappoint.





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