Reinaert Wild Ale (Flemish Wild Ale)

Wow. There’s no way I’d say I liked this beer, but no one could say that it’s a boring ale.  I was expecting more of a Flemish Red or Brown, but what this is is extremely bitter and dry. Think about brewing a whole bunch of hay or straw, carbonating it, driving the ABV up to 11% and bottling it and that’s what you get.  There are also strong lemon overtones (my wife thought I hadn’t cleaned the lemon soap out of the glasses) along with the malty mouth to it.  Again, crazy stuff. It pours with a beautiful lacing that is retained on the glass forever, and the 9% ABV does start to show itself about half way

through the bottle.

Definitely not for everyone, especially at $13 for a 750mL, but if you’re up for an experience, check it out. Certainly not boring.

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