Rickey Gates – TransAmericana

Rickey Gates – #TransAmericana

Rickey Gates joins us 45 days into his transcontinental run he’s dubbed #TransAmericana.  Talking to us while running through rural Arkansas, Rickey tells us about the people he’s met, the places he’s slept, the food he’s loving, the routes he’s taking, and what lies in those 2500 miles ahead.

We also discuss:

  • What’s in his single backpack.
  • What’s his canned response to Forest Gump references.
  • How his body is holding up running 150-180 miles a week.
  • How he’s navigating the route and which trails he’s taking.
  • What instrument he’s got stashed in his bag. (You won’t guess, but he does play it for us.)
  • Who he wants to finish his run with once he hits the Golden Gate Bridge.
rickey gates
Rickey Gates leaving Folly Beach Pier, SC. Pic by Wandering Fever.


Rickey Gates Episode Sponsor Notes

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rickey gates


Rickey Gates Episode Notes

Follow Rickey at the links below and his website right here.

rickey gates




Rickey mentioned that he’s using a sleeping bag by Enlightened Equipment. Here’s their site. I wasn’t familiar with their line and am really impressed! Handmade ultralight bags and pads…nice!

Rickey Gates is sponsored by Salomon and Stance.

Here’s our interview with Rickey from 2014.

Here’s the site for the bluegrass band that provided the outro music, Colebrook Road.

rickey gates

rickey gates


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