Rob Goyen | Race Directing and the MUT Industry

Ever wanted to put on a trail race or ultramarathon? What does it take to launch your first event and how do you build a community around it? In this interview with Rob Goyen, we hear about how he accidentally started one of the most successful race companies in the country, Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT.)

A few NSFW words didn’t get bleeped. Sensitive ears beware.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Rob’s massive weight loss and transition to healthy eating and living.
  • The future of MUT running…while other race companies are adding hundreds, he’s doing less at that distance and focusing on more traditional trail races.
  • His deep-seeded and personal reasons for helping others achieve their dreams.
  • How he’s adapting to not being able to run and which World Record he’s planning on breaking in the meantime.
  • The draw of celeb-runners to events. Do they make a difference?
  • His views on drugs in races and what RDs can do to control them.
  • If and how a race director should proactively foster racial and gender inclusivity at their events.
  • And of course, if he’d prefer to vomit or diarrhea when he’s got the stomach flu.


The truth is that the growth in our sport is in trail running, it’s not in ultrarunning.

Rob Goyen
Rob Goyen in his natural element.

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Rob Goyen

Episode Notes

Here’s the TROT website and here’s Rob’s blog.

Here’s the NoFinePrint shirt site and here’s his podcast.

Here’s the article by Jason Koop about ultramarathon demographics. What do you think of Rob’s prediction that the future of MUT is in the “T”?

We talked about the handicapped timing at Dipsea…here’s how it all works.

Rob mentioned John Paul LaCroix’s races in Colorado. Here’s “Sherpa John’s” website.

Like Rob, I’m subscribed to ultrarunning magazine’s print edition. Great resource, and if you haven’t checked it out in the past few years, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Thanks again to the Patreon crew for not only submitting questions for this episode, but for supporting my efforts by underwriting the podcasts, Daily News, and reviews. THANK YOU.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

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