Ruhn Base Compression Short 2.0 Review


This review is focused on a pair of compression shorts from a newer apparel company called Ruhn. Ruhn has a handful of apparel pieces available for sale and today we’ll be looking at the men’s Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0.

Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0

Presenting the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0.

Now for more details. We’ll simply things for this review to cover:

  1. What’s good: the new, differentiating, or simply well designed or built features or aspects of the product.
  2. What could be improved: tweaks or improvements that could be made to make the product better.
  3. How it compares: my current go-to competing products and how this compares.

I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. After all, you’ve probably got more running you can do today!

What’s good?

  • Seamless Front. This is the big feature with the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0. Instead of the usual 1-3 seams in the, ahem, front like most compression shorts, (which can cause frightening irritation where things should never get irritated), Ruhn uses a “3D contouring weave to provide the perfect supportive fit without uncomfortable seams”. I’ll agree with this marketing claim. I slept in these shorts and then ran in them the next day commando style (too much info?!) on a rather warm day to test the comfy factor. They passed with flying colors.
  • Comfy waistband. It’s true, most compression shorts I have tried dig in to your sides and these shorts do not. The waistband is really soft and comfortable.

Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0

The minimal waistband along with soft draw cord keep things comfy around the waist.

  • Chafe free. The combination of the fabric and design choices don’t cause irritation. I’m pretty picky about fabrics or designs that causes irritation as it’s something I deal with constantly on long runs as a heavy sweater with sensitive skin. I’m happy to report these shorts minimize irritation as well as the best running shorts or other compression shorts I have tried.

What could be improved with the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0?

  • The slight sag factor. While the material is uber comfy it comes at a slight cost. The shorts sag ever so slightly once wet. This could also be because they don’t have quite enough compression to lock things down on your quads (see next point).
  • A touch more compression. These shorts are somewhere between what I would consider fitted shorts vs. compression shorts. There is some compression to them but not enough to where I would reach for them as a recovery tool.
  • The pockets. I’m really nitpicking with this one as there is a lot to love about the pockets. First, there are two big pockets on the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0. That’s a win right there. Second, the pockets are smartly designed to hold a modern smartphone perfectly as they are both identically sized for a phone. My only nitpick is that with the combination of the slight sag factor to the fabric when wet combined with the open top to each pocket my phone never really felt secure. To be fair, I had zero issues with the phone actually popping out despite bounding up and down some technical terrain. But I was always worried about it and kept looking down at the phone to see if it was working its way out. Keys, gels, bars, etc. will slide down in the pockets and fit well.

Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0

How they compare to similar compression shorts:

  • Compressport Trail Running Short. The Compressports have more targeted compression around the quads which is appreciated for recovery but are not nearly as comfortable to run in. For running rather than for compression purposes I’d choose the Ruhn shorts.
  • 110% Transformer Compression Shorts. Again, the 110% shorts compress a lot better and are a better recovery tool compared to the Ruhn shorts. However, due to the heavy fabrics used and fit of the 110% shorts I’d reach for the Ruhn shorts for a run first.
  • 2XU MCS Run Compression Short. A touch more compression on the 2XU shorts compared to the Ruhn shorts but a more irritating-causing design as well due to the front seams and tight waist-band. Same story here, if I want shorts that compress AND I can run in then I’d opt for the 2XUs. However, if I simply want to wear fitted shorts with a touch of compression and be really comfortable doing it, I’ll reach for the Ruhn Base Compression 2.0 shorts.

So, the $58.00 question – should you purchase the Ruhn Base Compression Short 2.0?

In a word, maybe. If you are looking for really comfortable, fitted shorts to prevent irritation, or simply just prefer fitted shorts, the Ruhn shorts are great. If you want a pair of true compression shorts because you believe in the benefits of compression gear then I don’t think these shorts compress enough for that purpose.

Questions, comments, or feedback on these shorts? Please share! And thanks for reading!

Purchasing Information for the Ruhn Base Compression Shorts 2.0

If you’re interested in purchasing the Ruhn Base Compression Short 2.0, please first check availability at your local, independently owned running specialty store. They need your business and are a great resource for the community.

If that’s not an option, please use this link to purchase directly from the Ruhn website. Thank You!


Stay tune to read Jade’s review of the Ruhn Women’s 3/4 pant. Coming soon!


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