Running Shoe Price Analysis

Cheaper Shoes Online–But at What Cost?

Here’s an interesting running shoe price analysis from the guys at  Not familiar with the site? It’s based in Denmark (site is in English, don’t worry)  and has over 130k reviews and comparisons for 1k+ shoe models.  Pretty good reviews from fellow runners that allow you to compare models prior to purchase.

Ultrarunnerpodcast has no affiliation with the site–other than permission to use this data and infograph–but this post may spark some discussion about where and how we purchase our running gear.

From the data given–here’s the full study–consumers can save money by purchasing online.  We all agree lower prices are better, but at what cost to brick and mortar stores?

What value do you get from visiting a running store? What premium are you willing to pay to have personal attention? Five bucks? Twenty bucks?  What’s your limit?  What could (or do) local stores do to win (back) your business?  How do you find return policies at online stores vs brick and mortar?

What role should running stores play in our world? Are they going the way of the video store, or do independently owned running stores have a special place that can’t be replicated online?

What percentage of your running shoes do you buy at brick and mortar stores vs online sites?

Running shoe price analysis
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